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Model RTL-11

Have hours of fun learning about the wonders of Radio Astronomy. Make a study of the principles of microwave radiometry through the use of RTL-11. This simple instrument is easy to assemble and operate. It is capable of detecting solar radio noise at approximately 11-12 GHz as determined by satellite receiver LNB (low noise block converter).
RTL-11 can be used to:
Demonstrate remote measurement of temperature of various objects
Demonstrate that the human body or hand generates solar radio noise
One can use a data logger connected to radio telescope output. The solar noise magnitude can later be plotted vs. time on a PC
Other than astronomical applications can be found as various objects absorb, radiate, or reflect microwaves in a manner different from that at visible light
RTL-11 includes:
Parabolic dish (32 cm)
11 GHz LNB
F-F coaxial cable (2 ft. long)
IF in-line amplifier
F/F male/male adapter
Indicator box
AC/DC wall adapter
Instruction manual


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